tree care ni tree pruning

At Tree Care NI we have an intimate knowledge of all areas of tree surgery and maintenance, gained through decades of experience.

Having a real understanding of how the various species of trees grow and develop, is key to keeping them healthy, safe and beautiful. Seasonality can also have a big impact on this.

When carrying out pruning operations – such as crown reduction, thinning and lifting – we will take the species’ natural shape and form into account, seeking to ensure that it’s natural characteristics are retained where possible.

We will also ensure that the pruning is done at the right time of year – it’s a common misconception that it’s “best to prune the trees in winter”. Whilst this may be ok for some species, there are others that should absolutely be left alone at this time.

If you have trees you would like to be pruned and require some expert advice or a free no obligation quote then please contact us today. We are here to help!

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